Inspired by the WWTNS? commitment to diversity and inclusion, the company launched an education program to encourage artistic engagement amongst young students.

In its first education initiative, Untitled Shape Show is a new musical for young audiences that celebrates self-expression, promotes individuality, and posits that it is our differences that make us beautiful. The show uses the metaphor of shapes to create a positive, affirmative theatrical experience. 

The show follows the life of a young Polygon as they try to transition into both a new school and adolescence. Using non-gendered shapes as a stand in for human characters, Untitled Shape Show is designed to resonate with all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or creed.  The performance puts on stage situations that young people experience on a daily basis: bullying, stress, and the difficulty of understanding yourself. 

With funds from the Grace Annabelle Fund for the Arts, WWTNS? carried out a developmental production of this piece in Rhode Island in June 2017. The next iteration of the show was performed at IRT as part of WWTNS?'s Residency, and then at the Red Sandcastle Theatre in Toronto. 

Photography by Pablo Calderón Santiago

Bring U.s.s. to your Community

The Untitled Shape Show is an ideal production for schools, youth theatre groups, or community organizations. The script requires five adult/teen actors, and can accommodate between five and fifteen other young people. The set and props requirements are minimal, as are the costumes, and backing tracks are available for all songs in addition to sheet music.


WWTNS? provides various packages: the team can come to your venue to perform and direct the piece; the script, music and materials can be licensed out; or the soundtrack is available to download for educational use. 

If you are interested in bringing Untitled Shape Show to your school or community or would like to know more about what we offer, please email our education department at