Untitled Shape Show

Photography by Pablo Calderón Santiago


Untitled Shape Show is a new musical for young audiences that celebrates self-expression, promotes individuality, and posits that it is our differences that make us beautiful. Inspired by the WWTNS? commitment to diversity and inclusion, the show uses the metaphor of shapes to create a positive, affirmative theatrical experience. 

The show follows the life of a young Polygon as they try to transition into both a new school and adolescence. Using non-gendered shapes as a stand in for human characters, Untitled Shape Show is designed to resonate with all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or creed.  The performance puts on stage situations that young people experience on a daily basis: bullying, stress, and understanding yourself. 


This piece was originally developed with the generous support of The Gracie Annabelle Fund for the Arts through the Rhode Island Foundation.

Developed at The Providence Public Library in Rhode Island, 2017

Premiered at IRT Theatre in New York City, 2017

Toured to RED Sandcastle Theatre in Toronto, 2017

The piece was performed as a concert in October 2019 at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe as part of the NYC Fringe Festival.



Music and Lyrics by Will Davis

Book by Sam Hood Adrain

Has featured Austin James Charette, Anthony Fix, Mae Harrington, Jake Kamborian, Angela Ranucci, Liam Roberts, Henry Siravo, Qiana Sumner Jr., Riana Ramos, Libby Glozman, Matthew Glozman, Vanessa Jeffrey, Channel Jackson, Isabella Ross, Stacey, Mbusthia, Kiera Grant,  Malia Agostinelli, Victoria Rooney, Matt Retcho, Julia Labusch, Mike Bella Bergonzi, Hailey, Duarte, Misha Agostinelli, Jenna Young, Aubrey Swain, alongside Cynthia Nesbit, Chandler Cross, Ankita Kumar Rata, Sam Hood Adrain, James Clements, Jorge Morales Picó, and Ana Cristina Da Silva
Set by Adam Ramsey and Advanced Production and Design
Stage Managed by Katherine Guanche (Providence), María Privitera (IRT), Shannon Farrell (Toronto) 

Lighting Design by Charlotte Seelig (IRT), Jason Thomson (Toronto)

Costumes by Ella Di Gregorio

Music Directed by Will Davis

Special Thanks to Leanne Velednitsky

House Managed by Kayla Yee 

Produced by What Will the Neighbors Say?