Sources of Light Other Than The Sun

by Sam Hood Adrain

Jean-Luc McMurtry
Joe Pietropaolo, Mackian Bauman
James Clements, Jean-Luc McMurtry
Mackian Bauman, James Clements
Joe Pietropaolo, James Clements
Mackian Bauman
Jean-Luc McMurtry, Machina Bauman
Mackian Bauman
Mcmurtry, Pietropaolo, Clements
Clements, McMurtry, Pietropaolo
Mackian Bauman

Photography by Joe Zakko

Mackian Bauman


Sources Of Light Other Than The Sun is an unnerving and unrelenting examination of five weeks in the trenches on The Western Front of WWI. The story concentrates on the lives of four young soldiers enduring all the horrors of modern warfare; a generation trying to make sense of the new and chaotic world that is forming around them. Examining the physical and emotional traumas experienced during the Great War, Sources Of Light Other Than The Sun attempts to capture a snapshot of what life was for these men. Taking place in near-total darkness, the vita of its characters is brought to light.


The production premiered at the Thespis Festival in August 1-6th, 2016 at the Hudson Guild Theatre.

Sources Of Light Other Than The Sun was also fully produced by the Cleveland Radio Players as one of their main radio plays. 



Written and Directed by Sam Hood Adrain

Featuring Mackian Bauman, James Clements, Joe Pietropaolo, and Jean-Luc McMurtry
Set, Props, and Costumes by Lauren Barber
Lights by Elizabeth M. Stewart
Sound by Jorge Morales
Stage Managed by Ana Cristina Da Silva

Produced by What Will The Neighbors Say?

Audio Version

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