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        FringeBiscuit – by Lindsay Wolff – August 25th 2016


         “...directed with a deftly minimalist eye by Wednesday Derrico, this smart and compelling new play focuses on the relationships between these characters and touches              on themes of class, celebrity, media and the crooked monarchy...”


        “Clements beautifully imagines the conversations between James Colthurst (Jorge Morales Picó) and Princess Diana, showing their tender relationship and the thought             process that led Diana to record her deepest secrets to be published”


        “The scenes between Andrew Morton (James Clements) and Michael O’Mara (Sam Hood Adrain) present the brutal nature of the media, who describe themselves as her         saviors for writing a book that will make them rich”

        “Morales Picó excels as a conflicted protector moving between deference to the Princess and concern for her well being”

        “...Schuler plays Diana with a subtle dexterity, portraying the princess as sensitive yet strong-willed...”



        Edinburgh Guide – by Vivien Devlin – August 29th 2016


        “And so we observe the plan of action in process, recording interviews, surreptitiously handing over tapes in the bar, and the constant threat of a media leak about the                biography”

        “The writer, James Clements takes on the role of Andrew Morton with an authoritative manner. He has a striking resemblance to the biographer and portrays an ebullient         personality switching from cocky, cool confidence to a fear of the consequences”

        “This 55 minute Fringe play can only relate a fragment of the extraordinary investigative journalism involved and the Royal Scandal which followed”

        “...a full scale, properly staged, expanded version of “In Her Own Words” would develop the background, enhance the characters and dramatic tension behind the writing         of “Diana – Her True Story:” As we approach the 20th anniversary of her death, this would be timely and poignant”

        Scottish Bitches – by Laura McKinnon & Corrine McConnachie – September 15th 2016


        “Clever and compelling, the new play focused on the relationships...”

        “From these three settings the play touches upon themes of class, celebrity, media and a broken monarchy, and convincingly depicts the subterfuge and deception that                changed the celebrity of the Windsor family”

        “Clements beautifully shines light on the tender friendship between James Colthurst (Jorge Morales Picó) and Princess Diana (Ana Cristina Schuler), and outlines the                stages which led to Diana’s decision to publish her deepest and darkest secrets”

        “Schuler subtly depicts the princess as both sensitive and strong willed”

        “Clements has created an honest portrayal of Diana and a piece that is both powerful and unapologetic”

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