Theatre Is Easy Review - October 17, 2019
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BWW Interview - October 11, 2019
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James Clements is an artist of many talents, fearlessly tackling the issues through art. His latest piece, developed with Sophia Frank, is MEDEA/BRITNEY. The multi-media piece juxtaposes the story of Medea with the tragedy and public consumption of Britney Spears. Weaving together Medea, MEDEAPLAY by Heiner Muller, and Vanessa Grigoriadis' Rolling Stone article on Britney Spears... Read More


Theatre is Easy Review - December 9, 2018
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BWW Interview - November 5, 2018
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Mooney on Theatre Review - October 4, 2017

The Diana Tapes, being performed by What Will The Neighbors Say? Theatre Company at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, focuses on a crucial episode of Diana’s life – the 1992 publication of Andrew Morton’s biography, Diana: Her True Story. The book was a bombshell, revealing Diana’s suicide attempts, her bulimia, and her husband, Prince Charles’, affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. It ultimately resulted in...  Read More

STV The Diana Tapes Feature - August 24th 2016

Writer James Clements and Director Wednesday Derrico are interviewed on Live at 5 at Scottish Television about the Edinburgh Workshop production of The Diana TapesWatch Video

BBC Radio Scotland - August 24th 2016

Co-Artistic Directors James Clements and Jorge Morales Picó are interviewed by renowned BBC Arts journalist Janice Forsyth on The Janice Forsyth Show. Read More

Edge Media Network Review - June 28, 2017

What Will The Neighbors Say? (WWTNS?), a theater company based in New York City, presents "In Her Own Words: The Diana Tapes," a compelling retelling of English journalist Andrew Morton's tumultuous effort to publish his 1992 tell-all book, "Diana: Her True Story," which painted an especially unflattering portrait of the British royal family and effectively ended Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles. Read More

Broadway World Review - June 27, 2017

Diana, Princess of Wales remains a fascinating figure, despite the two decades that have gone by since her death. The relatively new play, THE DIANA TAPES, by James Clements takes an interesting approach to the princess, her motivations and involvement with the tabloid writer Andrew Morton, when he wrote Diana: In Her Owns Words in 1992. Diana was... Read More

Motif Magazine Review - June 17, 2017

Twenty years after her death, Princess Diana remains a legendary figure. Playwright James Clements’ In Her Own Words: The Diana Tapes is an entrancing look at the creation of Diana: Her True Story, Andrew Morton’s best-selling book about the doomed princess. Diana was a woman who gave birth to a future king, Prince William, and lived much of her life in the glare of the spotlight. Beautifully played by Ana Cristina Schuler, Diana... Read More

Providence Journal Review - June 14, 2017

One doesn’t have to be an Anglophile to be interested in the backstory of one of this generation’s most glamorized, yet rocky, marriages - and a spare but intriguing Rhode Island theatrical premiere is bringing the sadder side of the life of Britain’s Princess Diana into sharper perspective. The New York City-based theater company What Will the Neighbors Say? is staging “In Her Own Words: The Diana Tapes” locally. Read More