Previous Productions

by Sam Hood Adrain

Sources Of Light Other Than The Sun is an unnerving and unrelenting examination of life in the trenches of The Western Front. Examining the physical, emotional, and life altering traumas that soldiers experienced during the Great War, it attempts to capture what life was for these men. Taking place in near-total darkness, its character’s lives are brought to light. More info >

Four Sisters

by James Clements

The play examines the lives and deaths of the four daughters of the last Tsar of Russia in the aftermath of the 1917 Revolution. Comprised of personal writings of the four Grand Duchesses, select line’s from Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters, Biblical passages, and imagined language, the play examines the role of women in wartime, the performative properties of female bodies, and the destruction of domestic histories.  More Info >

Dogs of Dc:

The Road Ahead

What Will The Neighbors Say? is proud to announce that it is partnering with The Living Gallery for a benefit gala performance of "Dogs of D.C. - A Political Farce" for Planned Parenthood Texas and the El Puente on January 19th at 7pm. This evening of performance prizes, and refreshments is designed to provoke conversation and raise funds for these crucial organizations in this uncertain political time. This event will be held at The Living Gallery, located at 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York.   More info > 

This tense thriller presents the true story of one of the greatest media scandals in British history – the publication of Andrew Morton's book about Diana, Princess of Wales, which ended her marriage and shook the monarchy to its core. The show moves between Morton’s office, the sitting room where the Princess recorded her darkest secrets onto cassettes, and the dingy West London cafe where one of her best friends surreptitiously handed them over. The subterfuge and deception are brought to a scorching climax that changed celebrity, privacy, and the Windsor family forever. The question remains: who was the victim, and who the victor? More Info >

by James Clements