Provoking questions through untold stories.

What Will The Neighbors Say? creates theatre that examines historical, social, political and economic narratives that have been disregarded, misrepresented, or otherwise untold in order to provoke discourse in our audience and community. WWTNS? maintains a consistent commitment to diversity, arts education, community outreach, and artistic experimentation.

Our Mission

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Ana Cristina


A Note on Diversity

WWTNS? exists to ask questions, and diversity is a crucial part of this conversation. We are committed to addressing topics people don’t want to talk about, and having diverse representation, both on and offstage, is essential in this endeavour. WWTNS? doesn’t exist just to put ourselves on stage: diversity is not only the right thing to do, it is an absolute necessity artistically as it improves the quality of the work, and varies the perspective. Without it, WWTNS?’s stories cannot be properly told. Theatre charges social change, and presenting diversity on stage is part of the wider conversation about integrating it into our institutions and our social engagement. Diversity, to us, encompasses race, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion,  sexual orientation, and class. WWTNS? is committed to artistic leadership in the discussion and advancement of this issue.

A Note on Arts Education

WWTNS? exists, in part, to develop arts education programs for a variety of communities. The same commitment to diversity that the company pursues for its artistic work is present in its educational development: regardless of age, location, ability, or socio-economic background, WWTNS? values each individual and the potential they possess. Rather than just trying to train “actors”, WWTNS? attempts to also empower, and unlock the existing power, of each individual through arts education and exposure to the virtues of theatre.

A Note on Community Outreach

WWTNS? provides an arena for the community to share their stories with each other, empowering their voices by creating a space to have open conversation. The stories that make us different are what make us, and the theatre, beautiful; and WWTNS? finds it imperative for the survival of the theatre to make sure everyone’s experience has a place for expression. We will hold at least one major symposium per year, a monthly storytelling program, and bi-monthly discursive events to begin to establish a community space for everyone to hear and be heard.