ON GRIEF and life during the Pandemic

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“MISSING THEM” was a virtual memorial event to tell and listen to stories about those felled by the coronavirus. The goal: to remember and celebrate lives at a time when the pandemic has changed the way we say goodbye. The free event marks an extension of THE CITY’s ambitious “MISSING THEM” project, an effort to name every New Yorker lost to the coronavirus and tell a story about them. THE CITY invited families and friends to share something — a memory, a song lyric, a poem or whatever feels appropriate — to honor those no longer with them. Their hope was that telling these stories would, in some small way, create avenues of connection and bring some comfort for those speaking and those bearing witness. Alongside WWTNS?, other partners include the Brooklyn Public Library, the Local Voices Network, Re-Imagine and the Interfaith Center of New York.

WWTNS? conducted a writing workshop, called 'Writing your Grief and Celebrating Life', which was delivered in both English and Spanish, and guided people in generating poetry, monologues, and diary entries. After the workshop, in the space of just 24 hours, the WWTNS? team edited the material into a script titled Our Grief and Our Lives, and presented it digitally with a cast of professional actors for the community to listen to their stories come alive on screen. The performance also included original music written and performed by John McLean inspired by the workshop and the writings generated in it.

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