Four Sisters

by james Clements

Photography by Pablo Calderón Santiago


The play examines the lives and deaths of the four daughters of the last Tsar of Russia in the aftermath of the 1917 Revolution. Comprised of personal writings of the four Grand Duchesses, select line’s from Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters, Biblical passages, and imagined language, the play examines the role of women in wartime, the performative properties of female bodies, and the destruction of domestic histories. 


The play has received a developmental reading at The Sheen Center for Thought and Culture on December, 2016, as well as a workshop production at American Theatre of Actors on March, 2017.


This piece has been developed with the generous support of Donn Russell, co-founder of the Peg Santvoord Foundation.



Written and Directed by James Clements

Featuring Lucy Livingston, Tayi Sanusi, Melannie Vázquez-Lara, and Lindsay Wolff
Set, and Props by Lauren Barber

Costumes by Johanna Pan
Lights by Elizabeth M. Stewart
Sound Design and Music by Jorge Morales
Stage Managed by Sam Hood Adrain

Artistic Associate Malena Pennycook

Produced by What Will The Neighbors Say?