Current Productions

Agua, Vida y Tierra is a new bi-lingual documentary multi-media theatre piece, exploring the past, present, and future of Puerto Rico through the lens of Hurricane Maria. Consisting of interviews, research, photography, music, and dance, this play is currently in development in San Juan and New York City by What Will the Neighbors Say? and a diverse group of collaborators.

This piece, which has been deeply cemented in Puerto Rican culture, will be a living testament of the power of art within tragedy. Part epic poem, part searing historical drama, part celebration and part funeral liturgy, the audience will be taken back and forth across time and space, never quite sure if what they are seeing is real or imagined.


November 15th at 7pm

November 16th at 7pm

November 17th at 3pm



580 Sackett St. Unit A,

Brooklyn, NY 11217

WWTNS is partnering with the organization El Puente in both Brooklyn and San Juan for the development and production of Agua, Vida y Tierra. Founded in 1982, El Puente has been a vital organization with a mission to inspire and nurture leaders for peace and justice. Their advocacy work ranges from inspiring at-risk youth to environmental protection and everything in between. For more information about their work,  click here.


As our community partner, El Puente is providing rehearsal space and resources in Brooklyn, and allowing us to connect with community leaders and members through their center in San Juan. This partnership is vital not only to the mission of WWTNS?, but to the success of Agua, Vida y Tierra, allowing us to be rooted as deeply as possible in the communities we representing.


WWTNS? is also partnering with el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico), which is a cornerstone of the arts world of Puerto Rico. In addition to the dynamic artistic-cultural activity generated in its headquarters, the Museum constantly creates opportunities for artistic activities to be projected to its immediate community of Santurce and to the wider surroundings of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Latin America and its diasporas, many of which make Puerto Rico their country.


To that end, the MAC has implemented "Project Santurce: The MAC in the neighborhood"; a program of integration and social action within and outside the walls that uses the arts and culture as tools for social and urban transformation. The Project began in 2014 with different santurcinas communities like Tras Talleres, Gandul, Sacred Heart, Miramar, Machuchal, Hipódromo and Alto del Cabro. During 2017 the program was extended to Río Piedras in response to the request made by the community itself, being renamed as "The MAC in the neighborhood", and after a sustained growth in its impact, in 2018 it also extended to Guaynabo and Cataño.


Photography by Pablo Calderón Santiago