Current Productions

As we have made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend all our programming through at least April 30th, we are writing today to announce our new remote cultural programming initiative, the “Neighborhood Watch” Digital Arts Series. Built from conversations about how we can continue to provide meaningful and accessible cultural programming remotely, these free weekly events will be held over Zoom every Wednesday in April from 6pm-8pm EST. This will allow all members of our global arts community to continue to engage with us and with one another during this difficult time.

April 1st

Neighborhood Scene Study

Artists, comrades, and colleagues can submit scenes for 2 or 3 actors, up to 10 pages in length. These can be original or found, well known or obscure, classic or contemporary. Patrons can also sign up to be readers in the scenes, and will be assigned roles by the WWTNS? team, or RSVP to be the audience for the performance.

To submit a scene, sign up to perform or to RSVP, click here.


April 8th

Neighborhood Poetry Night

For this event, we ask our community to submit poetry, either original or canon, that has meaning to them. Our patrons can also sign up to be readers, or simply to watch and listen. For the second half of the event, the WWTNS? team will provide writing prompts for participants to create their own free-write poems.

To submit a poem, sign up to perform or to RSVP, click here.


April 15th

Neighborhood Music Jam

This week, we encourage folks, either professionals or passionate amateurs, to select a five-minute slot to perform either their original work or a cover of a beloved tune, or, again, to join as a brave and loving audience member. Get creative - could you do a Zoom duet, or even a trio? Can tupperwares become percussion!?

To select a performance slot or to RSVP, click here.


April 22nd

The WWTNS? Happy Hour

Anyone who knows WWTNS? knows we love to party! We encourage you to make a batch of your favorite cocktail, crack a beer or, for our sober folx, pop some lemon in a nice, cold seltzer and log on for a night of party games, conversations and, of course, storytelling.

RSVP here.


April 29th

storytime: the digital edition

Despite the chaotic moment we are living in, the WWTNS? team is maintaining our monthly community event, “storytime,” remotely. We will be announcing our musical act and theme for April shortly but, in the meantime, patrons and potential storytellers should sign up here.