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Making a fully tax-deductible donation to the company would allow it to continue fullfilling its mission to provoke questions through untold stories by enabling it to bring theatre workshops and programming to new communities. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for new and exciting programming!

As a small, not-for-profit theatre company, WWNTS? operates thanks to grants, donations, and your gracious artistic patronage. Through its first years of operations, WWTNS? has established itself as a vibrant arts organization with a strong outreach program encompassing children’s education, community engagement, and constant artistic activity. 

As part of its outreach program, the company has volunteered at places such as the Central Falls Summer Camp and El Puente, bringing children in underserved communities workshops in theatre, acting, and singing and explored themes of bullying, acceptance, and the importance of being who you are.


“I had the best time working with WWTNS! I was able to enhance my skills and further my career by working with these professional Performers who were willing to teach me and were always supportive...I am glad I was given the great pleasure of participating in their Untitled Shape Show that helped spread a positive message!”

- Victoria Rooney

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Holy D’Atri

Carol Drewes 

Katherine Guanche

Hanna Kramer  

Nathalie Lezama Ferro 

Jean Moore

Adrea Peters 

Yvonne Sanusi 

Audrette Villamizar

Lindsay Wolff

Luis Munive

Teryn Gray

Carly Reicho

Coral Cohen

Sam Donnenberg

John Braunstein

Tatiana Baccari

Angela Norton

Mara Pelto

Mary Kate Nyland

Angela Norton

Jorge Thompson

Karen Tuckett

Ellen Kiley

Michael St. Germain

Kayla Mulkern

Erika Valdes

Jillian Karole

Thalia Pignanelli

Will Davis


Heather Evans 

Ana Gallo 

Ann Hood and Michael Ruhlman

Lori Howard 

Investment Technology Group, Inc.

Paul Langland 

Gloria-Jean Masciarotte and Nat Emmons 

Pablo Rodriguez 

Nanci Young 

Jorge Morales

Michael and Mary Nyland

John Newcomb

Polly Handy

Teresa da Silva

Marcos Vizcarrondo

Paul Langland

Sergio Schuler

Michelle Koh

Marianna & Chris Cooper

Álvaro Calderón

Jon Stancato


Off-Broadway Angels 

Lorne Adrain

Christie Derrico

Kirsty Wark

Rob Pitfield


Gracie Annabelle Fund for the Arts

Brooklyn Arts Council



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