Community Outreach


Symposium Series

This monthly programming event is the keystone of our community outreach programs. Taking inspiration from The Moth and LiveBait, "storytime" is a night of storytelling and live music from the community that is meant to bring us together through the shared experience of the ancient verbal tradition of stories.


Each event has a theme, such as “If only I’d known” or “Expectation” or “Running on Fumes”, and any audience member who is willing to tell a story related to that theme is given six minutes on stage to share. It needs not be literal or esoteric, funny or sad, it simply needs to be a true story that has meaning to its teller. The event inaugurated at the Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn, and more recently has moved The Factory Bar & Restaurant in Bushwick. Stay tuned for information on our next event!

The Symposium Series  is a yearly event for open discussion and questioning of relevant topics in the theatre and our community at large. By inviting guest speakers, colleagues, and our audiences  to a formal discussion about complex topics, we hope to give voice to the problems that face our field and debate the avenues available to fix them.

Our inaugural Symposium, which took place at IRT Theatre on August 25, 2017, tackled the topic of diversity in casting and stage performances. Titled People as People: A Symposium on Diversity, panelists and audience member discussed the stark imbalances that remain apparent on stage as they relate to gender identity, race diversity, and sexuality. The discussion centered in that the recent push to have more diverse bodies represented on stage, many artists, including ourselves, fall into the trap of casting a specific type to make a statement, as opposed to casting the actor as a whole, living being. 

The event was sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company.