AGUA, Vida y Tierra

Photography by Andrew Watkins


Agua, Vida y Tierra is a new bi-lingual documentary multi-media devised theatre piece about Puerto Rico and the history of America’s oldest colony.  Part epic poem, part searing historical drama, part celebration and part funeral liturgy, the audience is taken back and forth across time and space, never quite sure if what they are seeing is real or imagined.



Agua, Vida y Tierra received a sold-out workshop production at MITU580 November 15-17th, 2019 as part of the Gowanus Affordable Arts Initiative, with support of the Brooklyn Arts Fund, Destination < Brooklyn and the Benevity Foundation.



Featuring Ana Cristina Da Silva, Sam Hood Adrain, James Clements, Pablo Calderón-Santiago, Beatriz Miranda*, Xavier Reyes*, Thalia Romina, Maria Victoria Martínez*

Directed by Alejandra Ramos

Script Supervised by Omar Vélez Meléndez
Set by Diana Dávila

Props and Costumes by Carla Posada
Lights by Elizabeth M. Stewart

Sound and Video by Jorge Morales Picó
Stage Managed by Hanako Rodríguez

Live Music by Rodrigo Vázquez

Choreography by Suni Reyes

Produced by What Will The Neighbors Say?

Associate Produced by Pablo Calderón Santiago

Click here to access the e-program for the workshop production

Photography by Pablo Calderón Santiago