Provoking questions through untold stories.


What Will the Neighbors Say? is an investigative theatre company that provokes questions through untold stories. Led by a collaborative cohort of international artists, the Neighbors present overlooked social, cultural and historical narratives that challenge the audience to reflect on the current moment. Through a combination of original plays, arts education workshops and dynamic community gatherings, the troupe incites rowdy and rigorous debate at the theatre and throughout the Neighborhood.


What Will the Neighbors Say? fights for a more empathetic world by presenting risky, provocative theatre that provokes conversations and facilitates greater understanding. Championing our community's capacity to explore ambiguous and nuanced themes, we create morally complex genre-bending work that challenges our audiences before, during and after a presentation. Armed with the understanding that meaningful conversations require varied perspectives, we build Neighborhoods across borders to facilitate new connections throughout our communities.

Core Values

Neighborhood - We build accessible communities which are radically transparent, and allow folks to make new and enriching global relationships that lead to intersectional conversations and civic action.


Representation - We value diversity amongst our collaborators and the voice it gives to the varied perspectives in our Neighborhood, multiplying conversations and elevating the artistic process and product. 


Innovation - We know that with rebellious storytelling and expressive designs that confront and arouse, the Neighbors dare audiences to question their beliefs and be transported.

Immediacy - We believe that, in order to galvanize our Neighborhood, we must present relevant work that speaks to the lives and concerns of its citizens.